Power of Rain

Rain is a healing power. Something that washes over us and wipes is clean. Even if we're damp on the subway and we're huddled close together, there is something so soothing about waking up in the darkness of the clouds, the rain pattering along the side of the house and the thunder crackling above us like a fire pit at the end of summer. 

This morning's storm is the beginning of the passage from summer into fall. The transition of the leaves from green to orange, red and brown. All of the movement and travel from summer, the hot hot heat...it's starting to dwindle down and we're getting ready for cooler weather and shorter days.

The rain reminds me that there are beautiful things about autumn as well. The end of the summer is always hard, but I cherish these moments in between the seasons. When you never know what to wear because the temperature is always changing, but you can still savor the heat from the earth. 

Whether you're running through the rain with your shirt off or seeking shelter inside a cozy nook with a beautiful little window, really take the time to feel the power of the rain. It may make your heart a little softer and more open to experiencing any transition you may be going through. 

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