Life Comes in Waves || Feel the Yogi High

Currently: Having an excessive yogi bliss moment. In my mind, this is a point where you'll see yogis (hopefully genuinely) posting happy thoughts about the world and how great everything is because they're feeling super enlightened etc. Warning: this can begin to feel trite and fake after you see it enough and all of the quotes start to blend together. We all start to feel this way, it's okay.

HOWEVER, these moments DO EXIST, I promise. And I am having one right now. So boom, embracing the heck out of it.

Upper West Side Rooftop Yoga Sunset

Upper West Side Rooftop Yoga Sunset

Ocean City NJ Sunrise

Ocean City NJ Sunrise

Life comes in waves. Sometimes these are really long waves that seem to flow effortlessly for very long periods of time. Sometimes you get sucked under and you feel like you're grasping for air and you'll never make it to the top again. And sometimes you get hit with a set of beautiful waves, or a series of crashes. Look, I don't even surf, but I do remember what this felt like back in the day when I considered myself a surfer girl in my gawky preteen days.

The water was say...tumultuous in my life this week. One minute shredding the gnar and the next just floundering to grasp at a floating device, and then dealing with both sensations at the same time. What is happening?! I didn't know which emotions to hold onto and which to let go.

And then I looked at my calendar and there it was, a series of scheduled events for me to attend: teaching yoga in a new space, birthday bbq and the most amazing monthly potluck of your wildest dreams. Teaching in a new space is always a little nerve wracking, but then I walked up to an incredible sunset on the rooftop of an upper west side hotel and all of the fear melted away.

NEXT: Celebrating birth. Life. Oh em gee, yogi terms, watch out, wowwww. Celebrating ANYTHING, I don't care. It is always so much easier to celebrate for someone else rather than ourselves. Different people in my life were practically cruising down the pipeline with everything they had to celebrate yesterday, so I celebrated with them, for them. And, like anything you practice, my celebration skills drastically improved.

Enjoying all of the successes of my friends made me happy to be surrounded by such incredible people. Which made me thankful. Which gave me energy. Which I spread with me everywhere I went last night, soaking up all of the moments I can with my subletter turned partner in crime. And then I was on that wave too.

Let's not even talk about how much sleep I did or did not get last night, but I got to do it all. See so many people who bring me great joy, teach what I love in the city, eat delicious homemade ceviche and paella and tortilla espanola and flan, oh my! and then I got to come HOME and wake up in my favorite little beach town to teach a sunrise yoga class to this community I helped to cultivate.

Yeah, you could say this is a yogi high. Who knows how long it will last. But it is here and so am I, so I may as well embrace the heck out of getting barreled in this goodness.


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