The art of radical self love. The key to sustaining a highly enjoyable life. The preventive medicine for the rampant epidemic that is burn-out.


Also, it is the term my mother and I use lovingly to remind ourselves to slow down and take care. As a psychologist and yoga teacher, respectively, our life's work is caring for others and oftentimes we push our own needs to the back burner. If you're an individual living in NYC I don't need to describe this feeling to you because this is likely you too. TBH IDGAF what your "self-care" looks like, just find something that takes you out of that heady head space and allows your breath to return to a comforting pace. For us, it's ripping through books the way some demolish a bag of chips and writing ferociously the way some bite their nails, respectively. 


We are such excellent hustlers in this town, nobody is coasting, we're here to make it happen, whatever "it" may be. Thus, when slowing down one can feel like they're breaking the rules, like they're not doing enough. When taking a moment to relax we may look around guiltily to see if someone is catching us in the act. We check in with our friends to make sure it's okay--"Hey, OMG and then I just sat there for an hour with my notebook. I'm worth it, right?" Wild.


Wild are the expectations we put on ourselves. 


Here's the thing: you know your nature. You know if you are the type of person who needs an extra push or needs to pushback when overbooking your every minute of the day. Your self-care is going to look different than mine, but it is just as pertinent to your success. Put your boundaries in place, I honestly schedule "shit I don't want to do" time, plan a coffee date and pound out the monotonous tasks. This makes it bite-sized, manageable, and dare I say fun? for me. 


Likewise, I plan "YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO YOGA FOR YOU" and "TAKE A VACATION" and "HEY GIRL, RELAX" time. Adding a little humor reminds be not to take myself so seriously while holding me accountable to my extreme self-care. 


I say "no thank you" instead of making BS excuses when I don't want to do things. I put alone time in my schedule because I suck at hanging out with me. I am learning to giggle at stupid tv shows and making more opportunities to pick through multiple books at a time. Listen, we're all just figuring it out.


Right now my biggest challenge is being a great boss to me. With no one around to tell me what to do, to talk down to me, to limit my voice, my strength, my worth, I've done a pretty good job recreating those limiting threatened voices in my own head. Well, I'm done with mistreating me, time to be better to me. 


Time for the raddest endeavor yet: extreme self-care. Get it girl.

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