fumble into it.

Here’s the deal, you have the right to ask for what you want. In fact, you’d be doing a disservice to yourself and those around you in not asking for what you want. Is it daunting? Is it scary? And wait, you could be shut down? One thousand percent, yes. But, my gosh, what a weight off your chest to speak your mind, to be heard, to express what has been holding you back. Even if you can’t see how it’s holding you back right now.


This goes for so many aspects of your life—your career, your relationships, your health, your dreams. There are only limits where you make them.


And, let’s be clear, oftentimes we don’t actually know what we want. So we do our best to figure it out. Intuition is a great indicator. When something stops feeling right, when you are no longer at ease, things have stopped coming naturally, and it feels like something might be stuck—listen to that. Because I can guarantee that feeling won’t go away until you address it.


Rejection is absolutely terrifying. Failure feels shitty. But you know what feels worse? Anticipating, agonizing and not being truthful to yourself or those around you. It sits in your chest and it can feel hard to breathe, it becomes difficult to move naturally. Your confidence is stifled, you start to question yourself unnecessarily, and you get caught up in your head.


So get out of your head. Maybe feel through it in your body or begin talking it out with a confidant. For me, the safest place to process begins the moment I press my pen into paper, that way I can start to see everything that has been jumbled up in my head and pick out the pieces I need to move forward. 


And then act. Just, fumble into it if you have to. Or maybe you’re the strict game plan type, that’s cool too. But it’s okay if you eff it up because you’ve taken a step, you’ve addressed something real and hot dayummm it is badass to go for what you want. 


Go get em.