heal yourself

Surrender is not letting things happen to you, it is choosing to work with that which the world presents you.


We’ve been talking a lot about surrender, about stepping into ourselves and about letting go of trying to fit in. 


I am in a constant battle with myself into how I “fit in,” and how to do it right and how to be accepted. But then we dug in a little deeper into how it makes us feel to try and force something like that—how it feels to try and be something for someone else. It feels shitty. You feel uneasy and uncomfortable and out of place, but you’re still desperately trying to fit into this idea of success that you made up in your head based on your experience of the world. But the truth is that you get to choose.


Perhaps you don’t know what your ideal reality looks like, but each time you try something new you gather up new data and that informs your next decision. You keep gathering experiences and piecing things together until you start to feel full. Until you start to feel happy in everyday life. Little things you do and your big purpose in life starts to take shape—your dharma, your duty. 


You align yourself around your dharma, and you start inviting more of what you love into your life and suddenly you’re taking steps that don’t necessarily look like other people’s steps. Your gait becomes sturdy and strong, purposeful. You’re coming into yourself and it feels good and it feels terrifying and you keep checking in with yourself because being successful is scary. Watching your dreams manifest is terrifying. Asking for what you want is humbling. 



But when you listen, when you tune inward and shut out all of the “should-ing” and “could-ing” and comparing you are in accordance with your heart and when you do what you love abundance is inevitable.

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