On Heartbreak.

We frequently think about it in terms of romantic relationships, but it's places, emotions and friendships. It's separating from your parents as you start to grow up and take on your own life. It's leaving a home and settling into a new one. It's a sweet send off for a friend. It's the loss of a loved one. It's the feeling you get when you witness your sibling go through a breakup. It's not getting that dream job. 


It's the chances you're afraid you've missed, the expectations that don't live up to your standards. It's the "what if's" and "why me's" and all of the "should-ing" you could ever dream of.


This is heartbreak. 


And damn, it is rough. But thank god we have the capacity to feel this deeply. To care about something so much that it actually hurts when it morphs, to feel something so passionately in our bones that it shakes us to the core. It's what makes us human, this innate capacity to love. 


Our springy hearts absorb the shock from the wreckage and eventually adapt to any situation, making it bearable once more. Finding the rhythm of the beat again and again. Not without scars. These grooves make their way into the muscle and change it forever--Until the next earth shattering love dances in, unexpectedly, to sweep us off into the next song.