PSA: THIS will not be your story, it does not need to be your story, but please, please, please, new teachers I love you, but we just make this look easy. We’ve worked out butts off to get where we are and we’re learning everyday. We have to be humble every damn day. If yoga is what you want from your career then patience and persistence are your medicine. Please allow yourself some space to breathe and build, and do not try to be everything all at once out the gate. There are thousands of teachers being born all the time, it is up to you to decide if you want to take the time to become one of the good ones. You will build and blossom and fall and get up, but please, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Practice, practice, practice and all is coming.

FOUR YEARS AGO: My dad told me I better not “just be a yoga teacher” when I graduated (he’s v proud of me now, but it took us both a lot of time to get there I’m still a work in progress). That’s all I knew when I graduated from my first training four years ago. Yoga was never going to be for me. I would leave South Jersey and get a “real” job where I wore “real” shoes and all the pretty dresses I could imagine. And I did.

BUT before my fancy corporate fashion gig, teaching opportunities kept popping up after I graduated (cough *ONE* local class). And then it grew (sorta). My first summer in NY I spent 4 days in Jersey and 3 days in Brooklyn, mostly about a boy, but also because my classes in NY were measly. I only subbed a couple times a week in the city. I was so burnt out by the end of the summer that I decided I wouldn’t do another split summer again. I would commit the entire year to NY and finding my big girl job in my big city and toss yoga aside.

THEN I got offered the opportunity to be the first hire teaching yoga “full time” with salary and benefits and woah I was gonna need health insurance when I got older so hell yeah let’s do this. And I taught my friggin’ butt off. Not in sexy studios, sometimes to one person or nobody at all. I taught 12 of these awkward residential classes a week. I was getting a crash course in all sorts of bodies.

THEN I started getting subs at different studios while I had my salary to support me and allow me to explore my options. At this point I’m still like “yeah, yeah whatever I’m a business woman, screw yoga.” THEN I started teaching in other spaces and gaining a following and THEN I’m like “wait what—no, not me.” THEN I leave said salaried job and start building my plane as I jump off a cliff. 

BUT it wasn’t a total cliff. I realized I am a business woman who has been building her yoga business for the past four years. NOW I am on my own. Three months solo baby (self-high-five). And every day is terrifying and exciting and confusing and I gotta face myself all day everyday. AND I am my own boss. BUT this is just the beginning.

I just got started. So I stay humble and carry on. TODAY I am a new yoga business woman. I am happier than I’ve ever been and I am aware that I have a longggg way to go. So I practice, practice, practice and all is coming. I am right here a beginner with you.