see the big

see yourself there, exactly where you want to be, with all of the accoutrements. get specific. think bigger. bigger still.

visualize where you want to be, if you can’t see yourself there, how will you draw a map? surround yourself with the people, words and images that light you up.

learn to quiet the noise, the negativity and the doubt. connect and reconnect to yourself daily. allow ideas to come and go, frustrations, successes and roadblocks alike. hit your greatest fears head on (psst, you’ll live to tell the tale).

confrontation with yourself will always be your greatest battle—be nice.

mmmm this is one of my biggest lessons on my path to happiness: be nice (to myself). People frequently refer to me as having a sunshine-y disposition, “you’re always so happy and energetic,” they call me a positive person. This cracks me up because I went through a rough year after graduating when I was the roommate who came home ranting negativity. I complained all the time and found it difficult to appreciate things (ahem, I still whine daily, but now I do so to release instead of hold on). 

I was hyper critical to the extent that my roommate would stop me and say “BE NICE!” He did it in a funny voice and trained me to drop my unbecoming habits like a champ. Now when I catch myself spewing doubt and negative self talk in my head I think “BE NICE!” It helps. I experience more excitement, success and joy today. But I can still be a grumpy, stressed out, hangry, tired person like the rest of the world. 

Life just feels better when I’m not so hard on myself, you too?

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