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The ultimate #extremeselfcare, personal discovery.


Yoga is a dialogue between your physical body, your mental thoughts and your emotional life. Become an attuned listener to all parts of yourself through personalized instruction. 

Yoga is highly unique to your body any given day. By taking your practice out of the studio and into the comfort of your home you learn proper alignment and become familiar with your body blind spots and habits. With your refined proprioception, you find confidence and comfort within.

"Annaliese is magic!!!! Her public classes were always packed to the brim and I knew I was in for an incredible time as soon as Annaliese began introducing herself to each student individually and taking the time to try and memorize each student's name. Her unfailing humor and attention to detail make even the most hung over yogi on a Saturday morning class excited about whatever interesting moves Annaliese has cooked up for her students.

I really got to know Annaliese when I asked her to help me deepen my own personal practice. I was so impressed by her breadth of knowledge that she easily draws from but also her ability to inspire new perspectives and her commitment to helping me achieve my goals. Definetly a keeper if you are lucky enough to spin into her orbit!"

- Jenn Yeh, Private Client


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Thai bodywork

A therapeutic bodywork that incorporates breath, movement and alignment that works with the meridian lines to work specifically with your body to ease stress, tension and facilitate intelligent movement.

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