my story

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my philosophy

Shine True.

Intuition. You know the feeling. When you feel most at ease, naturally moving through the world, hold fast to this.

Love Hard.

Fearless love and compassion for all, babes, especially you.

Be Plenty.

Ain't nobody you need to impress, you are more than enough.





"Annaliese has an infectious quality about her. It is light and strength. Joy and calm. Power and peacefulness. Her dedication to the practice permeates her teaching, and beautiful classes full of creativity, conscientious design, athleticism, and balance are what emerge! She is a strong leader who simultaneously empowers her students to make the best choices for their own experiences. I leave her classes feeling happy and vibrant, and I look forward to continuing to learn from her."

-Briana Grantswag, Public Student, OM Factory

"Over the past 2 years, I've had the pleasure of building my fitness routine around weekly Yoga with Annaliese. Her class is as refreshingly fun as it is physically challenging, making it a MUST do every week. Annaliese evolves with her students while reinforcing important tenets of our practice making for tangible growth with every class. Most of all, her passion and energy create such a warm and inviting vibe. Not to mention, she has fantastic taste in music..." 

-Billy Everett, TripleLift 

"I will never forget attempting a headstand and being terrified of falling, but Annaliese was right behind me, kindly telling me ‘You got this’. As soon as I heard those words, and knew she was there, my legs straightened and I was doing a pose I always shied away from. Her love for the practice, for her students, and her incredible music made an hour lesson go by way too quickly. She teaches the kind of class that leaves you feeling empowered and chill at the same time. Annaliese always brings life into her lessons and workshops. I wish there were more yoga instructors like Annaliese and I am so beyond lucky to have stumbled upon her class and I am so happy I still get to be a part of her fun and challenging workshops."

Ana Roa Arrázola, Yoga Student, OM Factory

"I love taking Annaliese's class because she consistently delivers a high-energy, challenging while encouraging, intelligent sequence. As a fellow yoga teacher, I love observing the flow of her classes and how she deliberately sequences her postures. The best part of her class is her supportive, knowledgeable and positive guidance throughout that makes her classes feel like a community working with her to achieve something special each time." 

Joshua Bobrow, Teacher + Student, Dou Yoga







Annaliese enjoyed yoga sporadically during her college years, drawn by the hip hop playlists and the promise of nap time in savasana. One summer morning, however, she felt pulled to something different. Waking ten minutes before class, she found a studio in her beach town, dragged her mom out of bed and was pleasantly surprised by the spiritual philosophy incorporated into the classes. She was unaware at the time that their mother-daughter ritual would lead to a much deeper soul exploration.

After receiving her 200hr RYTT certification (The Zen Den + Golden Buddha Yoga) Annaliese moved to New York with one suitcase and a one month sublet. Today she is a Brooklyn-based yoga teacher who provides the support to make the most challenging classes accessible.


Focusing on proper alignment and the power of breath to connect the body with mind, Annaliese seeks to inspire individuals and build community with dynamic flows that nourish the soul while challenging the body.


Through public classes, corporate, and private sessions as well as social media she invites a certain raw, supportive and fun honesty into focus, inviting students and followers to find new empowered layers within themselves.



18hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification, Feet on the Ground

50hr Aerial Yoga Certification, OM Factory

70hr Yoga Tune Up(r) Level 1 Certification, YogaWorks SoHo

200 RYT,  Zen Den + Golden Buddha Yoga



Take free fitness classes on Broadway’s new urban green space

By: Hannah Strek

OM and the City feature

#ZenFriends feature with Jules from  OM and the City

#ZenFriends feature with Jules from OM and the City

"Meet Annaliese! This gorgeous spunky chick moved to Brooklyn three years ago with one suitcase in hand and a drive to build her career. She just wasn’t exactly sure what that was…yet. After working in fashion at Tommy Hilfiger and teaching yoga on the side, she was offered a full-time salaried, benefited yoga teacher position with hOM"

Llama Lab Feature

"Annaliese was incredible. She is graceful and caring and certainly exuded what she preaches on her website.

“I seek to inspire, support and challenge my students based on their bodies at that time, that day.”

She warmed us up with music driven flows, got us sweating as she picked up the pace, and eased us in to arm balances starting with our own personal comfort level and moving on from there.

I learned strength excercises, new techniques on keeping that core firm, and FINALLY nailed eka pada koundinyasana II. (Still working on how to spell it though…)

Taking the workshop not only taught me new shapes, but also gave me the tools I need to strengthen my body and balance myself to be able to invert like a pro."

--Sally Meehan of the Llama Lab

Bliss Bandits Interview with Annaliese Godderz: Driven. Loving. Open.

"My passion and my purpose, my dharma, are one in the same: To use my energy to connect with individuals in a multitude of ways by inviting a certain raw, supportive and fun honesty into focus which allows everyone to find empowered layers within." 

Nineteenth Amendment Interview with Annaliese Godderz: Entrepreneur and Yogi

"Yoga provides the platform for individuals to connect their mind and body to reflect who they are. Another form of self-expression and a lifelong love of mine is fashion; it can liberate and empower us from the outside in."

- Annaliese Godderz Nineteenth + Seventh Tastemaker

Onzie Feature

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." 

-Annaliese of @yogaliese

The Jiva Shop: Soul Sister

What does Jiva/soul mean to me:

Writing. Dancing, flowing with my eyes closed and sequencing through intuition. I best express myself through written word and try to journal often. These days I feel like Soul is expressed directly through movement. Whether movement of my body or the pencil against paper--everything is felt.