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Team building starts here.


Now more than ever it is important to solidify consistent employee benefits that are not only fun, but also health conscious and team oriented.

Yoga is one of the best ways to bring together individuals of all levels and backgrounds into a welcoming space to get a work out and relieve some stress.

"Annaliese is the best yoga instructor I've ever worked with. Not only is she incredibly skilled as a practitioner and coach, her emotional intelligence enables her to read her audience in real time and cater the practice to each person and to the group.

In a corporate setting, Annaliese has gotten people from all over the company interested and engaged with yoga, fostering individual well-being while simultaneously building cross-team relationships. She makes yoga approachable for newcomers, yet understands we want to be pushed and she helps us grow.

Annaliese has truly become a part of the TripleLift family. She's the first person I'd recommend for ANY setting requiring a skilled instructor who also happens to be a great person."

Kevin Delie, TripleLift Corporate Client


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