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Community is everything.


"As a teacher, Annaliese focuses on each body and mind’s needs, injuries, and potential, no matter how many students are in the class. She’ll call out encouragement and personalized adjustments from across the room: “Alli. SHOULDERS.” “Come on, you got that side crow.” “PUSH IT.” More than any other teacher, she’s helped me take risks and tackle new challenges. This means that I feel pretty damn proud when I get a new arm balance, but more importantly that I have greater confidence in my daily life."

- Alli Finn, Dou Yoga Student


Oh man, I love throwing on some jams and guiding y'all through a fun and challenging flow and allowing you to melt into a puddle of savasana bliss at the end of class. There are so many rad pockets of communities throughout the city, come take part! Public group classes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. For the most up-to-date schedule, follow @yogaliese